The top 5 popular free games on steam.


Everyone likes new and interesting experiences but it’s expensive to buy new games all the time, that’s were free games come in, yes a lot of them are pretty bad but there is those gems that are just wonderful.

Just so its clear this is a list over the top 5 popular, this means that these games are not chosen by our opinion but just a list giving a little more information of the most popular F2P games on steam.

5. Unturned. Unturned is a pretty interesting game, yes its blocky and its pretty taxing on your computer, however this game is really good, its about surviving in an zombie infested world, it gives off this dayZ wibe and you can surprisingly do a lot of things in the game like: shooting out tires, fixing cars, manage resources durability/decay, base boulding, helicopter, rocket launchers, arena matches like the hunger games and much more. it does have microtransactions but only for skins.

4. Paladins. Paladins is a Fps were teamplay is everything, there are two teams fighting to do missions like taking out the enemy team and things like that, it takes on owerwatch but with a fantasy setting, the microtransaction is really bad though, multiple characters needs to be bought and so is with the skins.

3. Warframe. Warframe is an action multiplayer with, wait for it: SPACE NINJAS. I havent played the game but this is what you have to know, its set an evolving scifi world with some pretty good lore, however the story is quiet lame, its action is like mass effects only with some new mechanics, the action is solid and fun and i recommend it if you liked destiny, just know that, theres alot of grinding.

2. Team fortress 2. Ok if you havent heard of this one…. then i dont know how to help you. teamfortress 2 is the famous F2P, heavy eating a sandwich, FPS game from valve its about 2 teams competing to do objectives like: deatch match, payload, the usual. the game focuses on team play and cooperating to win. the microtransactions are pretty bad with weapons doing more damage than others and loot boxes crawling the market but the game is still quite fun and i see alot of poeple enjoying this

1. Dota 2. Here it is, THE MOST POPULAR F2P GAME ON STEAM. Dota 2 is a multiplayer, strategy game where ten players go into two teams which has 5 players each, it’s crucial to have teamplay and strategy to win the game, you start by getting resources and gold to be ready for the future fight. Your primary objective is to take out the enemies central building called the ancient and win.

Written by: Tommax Aka Christoffer Fjeld



(Yes its IGN…. dont judge me)