Is Dark Souls 3 Still worth it?


This game, this game, i knew that i had to make a still worth it review when i bought this game for 3 days ago. The question is: how was it?

Gameplay and content.
If it is something Darksouls 3 does right, its the gameplay. Like the others in the series Darksouls 3 follows up with the action filled and heartbreaking difficulty old players know and love, but changes it just enough to keep it interesting. Every action in the game is faster now, enemies, you, item use and the estus flask which i can say for everyone is a relief since the estus flask took so long to use in the other games. The biggest change is the focus meter, in Ds3 you can do special attacks with your weapons but it will drain the focus meter. The change means much more to magic users, as spells no longer have uses but will rather drain the focus meter which you can restore using the ashen estus flask.
The content is no different, Ds3 includes many different enemies and locations that are heavily detailed, you can get lost in different areas as there is so many ways to go.
Once you have finished the game there is sadly not much else to do than doing side quests or buying the dlc’s. however it will take long before you have fully experienced the whole world and done everything in it.

Graphics and story.
The thing i saw when i played the game was over how much different it looked and that is a good thing. Since Ds3 got announced when the PS4 and XB1 came out, the game has really upgraded its engine and models. I played on the Pc version and it looked amazing, playing the game at 60 fps in 1080p on max settings, the game just looked gorgeous and the lighting effects are very nicely done.

Here’s a picture so you can judge yourself, yes not better than some other games, but compared to the others in the franchise this is wonderful.






The story is a weird thing in the dark souls franchise, it doesn’t really tell you what is going on or what happened. You get some lore and that’s it, right into the game you go, but the lore in Ds3 is very interesting. A very important flame is about to go out, its your mission to slay the old lords of cinder and rekindle the flame. I wont go into detail but you can watch this video on the subject since its a lot to go over.

Video by VaatiVidya

Now when it comes to the prize, I’m kind of unsure, 60 usd is a lot of money for an older title, but if you want to play this game, go for it.
The experience is amazing, all the bosses are really hard and your going to get lost in this world so quick you will forget the time and if you struggle in the game i got one killer advice: GIT GUD.

By Tommax Aka Christoffer Fjeld.

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Video made by VaatiVidya.


Is Fallout 4 still worth it?

Last week we took a look at if Skyrim was still worth purchasing. And this time we’re going to take a closer look at another game by Bethesda. One of the newer Bethesda games actually. Fallout 4 was released November 10. 2015 and recently it’s finale patch/DLC being the high resolution pack, wich is surprisingly free, before that we have got 6 others: Automation, Wasteland workshop, Far Harbor, contraptions workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop and Nukaworld.

Fallout 4 also has its own base building mechanic that uses all the junk you have collected to make amazing things like houses, markets, defenses and a lot more, Bethesda seems to be quite proud of this mechanic because we got 3 workshop DLC’s. and if you so happend to run out of things to build, no worry, because there is mods that allows you to do everything from overhauling the entire game, or make a portable dolphin launcher.

although I have said quite a lot of good things about fallout, there are also some stupid things that doesn’t really care about logic, for example that you can’t pick up a lantern if it’s lit, or the fact that you can kill a roach, and just because it was legendary, it can hold a heavy chest armor…

but you came here to find out about the game, didn’t you? So here’s a quick, spoiler free, description of the game: Fallout is and open world game that allows you to choose your path and dialogue as well as haveing a huge selection of weapons and modifications.

So I’ll give Fallout 4 a big yes unless your more of the “Online first person shooter” gamer. The Game comes for the price of 59$ (With an additional 59$ for the season pass)

By: Lord_Torleif (aka Tellef)


Is Skyrim still worth it?

So you played your first Bethesda game, say Fallout 3-4, now you want to see if they have anything more to serve, you find this game, Skyrim, but there’s two versions. but don’t freak out just yet, because I’m going to help you choose which one is best for you, or if you should even buy it.

Obviusly the first thing your going to take a look at is the price, currently the normal “non special edition” is going to cost you about 32.16$ on steam, and for the special edition about 39.31$. Just looking at that, the special edition seems extremely much better then the normal one due to its “specialness”, but cosidering “non special edition” includes the season pass/all the add-on’s for the game, they are both quite equal.

So now that you know what the prices are, you should probably know about the differences between the two versions. The special editions most valuable part, is the new better graphics and the mods, wich in itself is very valuable. although it is possible to install mods trough the steam workshop if your on PC. This can also be considered a life hack, because you can’t download mods, you can’t make your loading screen longer.

So now it’s up to you to decide:

A: Normal game with all add-ons, 32.16$

B: Buy Special edition and get better graphics, mods + slightly longer loading screens 39.91$

C: “god dammit, Imma buy GTA 5 instead 62.72$

To sum up, I think their both kind of worth it, either you can get a great game cheap or a greater game slightly more expensive

By: Lord_Torleif

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Is The last of us still worth it?


The last of us is a game made by naughty dog it was published 14. July 2013. The game is an exclusive for the PS4 and the PS3, personally I think that this game is one of the best games that is made, although the texture could be better, I think it’s very good texture and very smooth gameplay for a game made in 2013.  You can get the last of us on PS4 but it was originally Just on the PS3. the game is about Joel and ellie, and Joel have to smuggle Ellie out of the city to the fireflies. They are doing that becaucse the fireflies believe that she is the cure to the fungus that have turned people into zombies. They meet many difficulties on their way to the location, some people and many zombies! You should definitely buy this game!

But suggest that you buy the remastered version on the PS4, because it have better graphics and smoother gameplay. But it is more expensive: 63,91 dollars

you can also buy the older version that have less good graphics but is cheaper: 23,12 dollars

Written by: tanjel_the_great



Is Mirrors edge catalyst still worth it?


Mirrors edgacatalyst logo

I think we all have been there, you didn`t buy the game when it was fresh but you might regret it now. maybe you couldt afford it back then but can now, its at this moment you begin to wonder: Is it still worth it?

When it comes to Mirrors edge catalyst, this is a good question.

Gameplay and Content.

One thing is certain when it comes to this game, there is no lack of gameplay. Since the game is about parkour, it needs at lot of different ways to jump, run, fall and fight. The action is solid with either fast escapes or fighting multiple enemies with different abilities. It also lets you choose how to deal with the situation, like how you fight or which way you pick for a race. Content however? Not really that much. There is a single player campaign, races, some other types of missions and thats about it. Yes there are things like package delivery that is almost like a race but that is the problem most of the mission are almost the same just with different goals: take on these enemies, get from point A to point B. It just gets boring after a while of gameplay and the story is really boring also.

while we areatit lets talk about the story.


Once more you play as Faith, a young girl who lives in a country were people dont have a opion about everything, like if everyone were robots. luckily you are not one of them but a person in a rebel group that uses parkour to get around youre city. these rebels diagrees to this forced life style and try to correct it.

Something that atleast i felt were that it had no emotional impact on me, it dind`t pull me into the story and i think alot of people agrees with me on this. Everything felt rushed and i didn`t care about one of the “saddest” moments in the game. The only good thing about it was that it gave you some solid missions.


Graphichs and world building.

As espected the game have better game than the original, the character models for expamle have gotten a lot better, so has rain, sun glare and overall style. the game does have the iconic white and red that got so known after the originals game but it changes so or say everything else. like in this picture for example, the game can be really brigth or really dark and it just looks so different than the original.

Mirrors edge gameplay
Mirrors edge (Original)
Mirrors edge catalyst gameplay
Mirrors edge Catalyst









World building however is kinda…. weird, now the game is good at making the actual city, many different locations and stuff but they have the problem were you have to walk the same path over and over because only one way is the fastest. Since that way is the fastest you decide to go there instead of going to someplace fun, which then makes it tiresome to go anywhere



Im going to say that the game is not as bad as all the haters are saying it is but it is not a good follow up to the original one. If you want to play something with parkour, sure go ahead but for everyone else? Dont bother, its not worth 30USD$, save that up for another game.