5.Mario kart 8 Deluxe: obviously this wouldn’t be a proper game list without the all so great Mario kart 8 for the newly released Nintendo switch. Like it says on nintendos official site “Hit the road with the definitive version of Mario Kart 8 and play anytime anywhere”.

4.Rick and Morty: Viritual Rick-ality: life doesn’t get better then getting inside your favorite TV-series now does it? With this new Viritual reality game, you are actually allowed into the world of Rick and Morty, life just got 4% better.

3.Yooka-laylee: I expect we all had that one dream about being a green dinosaur looking thing named Yooka accompanied by a purple bat named laylee, and this game is a dream coming true with this new open world game, so prepare yourself to meet new allies, and new enemies.

2.Ghost warrior 3: this is an open world first person tactical shooter. The world is filled with activities and side mission but also a main campaign.

1. Outlast 2: Outlast is the sequel to outlast. Instead of being set in an horrible hospital, you’re set in an “ghost” town with a lot of crazy religious people. You will have to explore the town and escaping death with your trusty camera.

Written by Lord_Torleif & Tommax aka Tellef & Christoffer (Jåfje)



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5. Super Bomber man R: it`s a return for the classic game about blowing people up.

4. Nier automata: nier automata combines role playing elements with action based combat and mixed genre gameplay similar to that of nier.

3. The walking dead: A new frontier: the walking dead is a comic zombie game there the main character is javi, this time they found the new frontier and ITS looks like people are being betrayed by Someone, someone thats dangerous

2. Tom clancy `s ghost recon wildland: ghost recon wildlands is an open world game in a land taken over by drug dealers, and you gotta stop them by killing the boss El sueno.

1. The legend of Zelda: breath of the wild: is the next game en the legend of zelda franchise and has gutten massive hype, and it deserves that hype, You are in en opeworld fred to explore, everything about it is amazing even if the weapons breaking is anoying its still amazing, you need to play it to Get the felling of it.

By: Tanjel_the_great aka Nathaniel


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