Report on Drobak

It’s summer again, Andre vacation is around the corner, but which place do you visit? Well you could visit a place called Drobak (Drøbak).


The nature and feel of drobak.

Drobak is located in the beautiful Oslo fjord(a very big ocean), its a lot of forest in drobak so you can always visit it or enjoy the beautiful wiew. A big thing with with drobak is its ocean, its calming and enjoyable just siting by it and listening to it. The people here is also quiet nice and you will surely fit. Even if it smells like fish sometimes.

What you can do here.

ITS not much action in this town which is good so you sont have to worry about things like thiefs, crazy people and violence here. There is a lot you can do here, for example, you can go on a nice walk either downtown, in the forest or in the neighborhood. If you have a boat you have to take it here, there are so many nice places to go close from here if you just have a boat. You also got museums, parks, beaches, important churches and a entertainment park not far called Tusen Fryd.


Dont just listen to me!

i know what your thinking, my task is to promote this city, so I naturally say a lot of good thing about here.

Well I here is some awnser from someone that lives here (wouldt give name), what they think and feel about the city.

first question: why do you like Drobak)?

awsner: first off its a nice place with many nice people, its also ways something to do also, if you want to go outside. DFI handball teams are really good also.

Question 2: something in special you like with the city?

awnser. DFI handball.

Question 3: Something you dont like about the place.

Only over how the politicians are always late on their plans, things supposed to be to done gets done way later which can get really annoying.


Now if your wondering have the place looks like, then you can check out this video, note that this is more of just a joke video, but its worth watching if your interested in visiting this place:





Call of duty World War 2

World war 2 trailer is finaly here, i`m so excited. Sledgehammer is coming out with the new WW 2 Novomber 3th 2017, finaly some developer that have heard what the fans want, Boots on the ground! No more flying or jumping 3 meters high. There is also a lot of new consepts in the multiplayer, some simular to battelfield. There is no more automatic healing, but it are medics, and Its coming a new lobby called the HQ. We really don`t know how the HQ is going work but im Sure it Gonna be amazing, please let it be better that infinitive warfare. We have very high hopes for this call of duty, and especially for the zombies that are coming.

If you want to play the private beta you will have to preorder the game, im unsure if i would preorder but if you really want to you can.


Written by Nathaniel_the_great

Star wars Battlefront 2!

Not long ago Ea announced the sequel to Star Wars battle front, and it looks like it has hopes.

The good news is that the game is going to have a single player campaign, were you play as a soldier of the empire, and it seems that its going to take a look at how it is for the soldiers and their loyalty. It also seems like its going to have content from other than the Star Wars trilogy, like heroes and maps.

A big concern about the game was the season pass, because you most likely know about the disaster that was in the original battlefront’s season pass and over how it locked away a lot of content from players that should of come with the game to begin with. Luckily however, it seems like it wont have a season pass like its ancestor, and when Ea got questioned about if that what’s true this was their response.

While we’re not ready to confirm any live service plans just yet, what we can say is this we heard the feedback from our Battlefront community loud and clear. We know they want more depth, more progression, and more content. So we’re focused on delivering that in every dimension of Star Wars Battlefront 2. We’ll have more to share about our plans soon“.

So we don’t really know what Ea have in mind right now, but the game is already open for preorder on Origin and realising 11 November 2017

by Tommax

Aka Joakim Christoffer Fjeld.


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