3 gamers, Tommax, Tanjel_The_GREAT and Lord_Torleif. Found an old questlog deep inside a cave, not really. But an evil wizard (The teacher) forced us to, no no no, hmmm. Aha, three students went to school and got the task to write a Internett news paper, ITS PERFECT! ITS FAIL PROOF! Now hold on to your seat and let me explain all the cathergorys so you don’t get lost in our page, ehh, “Adventure map”:

Still worth it, is basically where we see if old games still are worth buying/playing so you don’t have to waste your money.

Gaming news is where we update you on what’s going on in the gaming community so you don’t miss out on what’s going on

Monthly games is where we give you our opinion on what we think is a good game that released that month.

Reviews is the place you go if you need to know more about a game to see if it’s your style in case you considered buying it

Top 10 is the top 10 games of different categories like, top 10 free games. It also can be top 5 or top 3

Updates are just updates to the website in case we do something wierd to the website

P.S We put the stupid one on this post, aka Lord_Torleif (aka Tellef) and that’s why you see this wierd message at the bottom that Tommax most likely is going to get rid of when I’m busy annoying the 2 last craps out of the teacher 🙂