Is Fallout 4 still worth it?

Last week we took a look at if Skyrim was still worth purchasing. And this time we’re going to take a closer look at another game by Bethesda. One of the newer Bethesda games actually. Fallout 4 was released November 10. 2015 and recently it’s finale patch/DLC being the high resolution pack, wich is surprisingly free, before that we have got 6 others: Automation, Wasteland workshop, Far Harbor, contraptions workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop and Nukaworld.

Fallout 4 also has its own base building mechanic that uses all the junk you have collected to make amazing things like houses, markets, defenses and a lot more, Bethesda seems to be quite proud of this mechanic because we got 3 workshop DLC’s. and if you so happend to run out of things to build, no worry, because there is mods that allows you to do everything from overhauling the entire game, or make a portable dolphin launcher.

although I have said quite a lot of good things about fallout, there are also some stupid things that doesn’t really care about logic, for example that you can’t pick up a lantern if it’s lit, or the fact that you can kill a roach, and just because it was legendary, it can hold a heavy chest armor…

but you came here to find out about the game, didn’t you? So here’s a quick, spoiler free, description of the game: Fallout is and open world game that allows you to choose your path and dialogue as well as haveing a huge selection of weapons and modifications.

So I’ll give Fallout 4 a big yes unless your more of the “Online first person shooter” gamer. The Game comes for the price of 59$ (With an additional 59$ for the season pass)

By: Lord_Torleif (aka Tellef)



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