Is Dark Souls 3 Still worth it?


This game, this game, i knew that i had to make a still worth it review when i bought this game for 3 days ago. The question is: how was it?

Gameplay and content.
If it is something Darksouls 3 does right, its the gameplay. Like the others in the series Darksouls 3 follows up with the action filled and heartbreaking difficulty old players know and love, but changes it just enough to keep it interesting. Every action in the game is faster now, enemies, you, item use and the estus flask which i can say for everyone is a relief since the estus flask took so long to use in the other games. The biggest change is the focus meter, in Ds3 you can do special attacks with your weapons but it will drain the focus meter. The change means much more to magic users, as spells no longer have uses but will rather drain the focus meter which you can restore using the ashen estus flask.
The content is no different, Ds3 includes many different enemies and locations that are heavily detailed, you can get lost in different areas as there is so many ways to go.
Once you have finished the game there is sadly not much else to do than doing side quests or buying the dlc’s. however it will take long before you have fully experienced the whole world and done everything in it.

Graphics and story.
The thing i saw when i played the game was over how much different it looked and that is a good thing. Since Ds3 got announced when the PS4 and XB1 came out, the game has really upgraded its engine and models. I played on the Pc version and it looked amazing, playing the game at 60 fps in 1080p on max settings, the game just looked gorgeous and the lighting effects are very nicely done.

Here’s a picture so you can judge yourself, yes not better than some other games, but compared to the others in the franchise this is wonderful.






The story is a weird thing in the dark souls franchise, it doesn’t really tell you what is going on or what happened. You get some lore and that’s it, right into the game you go, but the lore in Ds3 is very interesting. A very important flame is about to go out, its your mission to slay the old lords of cinder and rekindle the flame. I wont go into detail but you can watch this video on the subject since its a lot to go over.

Video by VaatiVidya

Now when it comes to the prize, I’m kind of unsure, 60 usd is a lot of money for an older title, but if you want to play this game, go for it.
The experience is amazing, all the bosses are really hard and your going to get lost in this world so quick you will forget the time and if you struggle in the game i got one killer advice: GIT GUD.

By Tommax Aka Christoffer Fjeld.

Sources with the video.

Video made by VaatiVidya.


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