DLC 5 on black ops 3

Chronicles (DLC 5) is out on black ops 3, is it as good as the old maps or are they better?

There are 8 maps in total, origins, Nacht der untoten, verruct, Kino der toten, Shi no numa, Shangri la, Ascension and Moon. The maps on chronicles is easier, Nacht der untoten is a lot easier,  because of the wonderfizz that give you perks, the gubblegums that give you all these awesome powers like packa-punch that makes your weapon much better. On the original map there was no gubblegums or no perks but the mule kick that lets you have an extra weapon. This change can be both good and bad, because the original map was very hard and a challenge for most players, now it’s not very hard, it can be a good thing tho because it’s funnier this way and everyone can get to a decent round and not die.

If you have played moon and shangri la you now that those 2 maps is very hard even for the very good players, the remastered versions of both of the maps is very hard as well, even with the gubblegums that is so powerful. It is good that they have evened out the maps so some maps are a bit harder then others.

made by: tanjel_the_great aka Nathaniel Bratli

sources: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/call-of-duty-zombies-chronicles-dlc-out-now-on-ps4/1100-6450089/


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