Is The last of us still worth it?


The last of us is a game made by naughty dog it was published 14. July 2013. The game is an exclusive for the PS4 and the PS3, personally I think that this game is one of the best games that is made, although the texture could be better, I think it’s very good texture and very smooth gameplay for a game made in 2013.  You can get the last of us on PS4 but it was originally Just on the PS3. the game is about Joel and ellie, and Joel have to smuggle Ellie out of the city to the fireflies. They are doing that becaucse the fireflies believe that she is the cure to the fungus that have turned people into zombies. They meet many difficulties on their way to the location, some people and many zombies! You should definitely buy this game!

But suggest that you buy the remastered version on the PS4, because it have better graphics and smoother gameplay. But it is more expensive: 63,91 dollars

you can also buy the older version that have less good graphics but is cheaper: 23,12 dollars

Written by: tanjel_the_great




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