Is Skyrim still worth it?

So you played your first Bethesda game, say Fallout 3-4, now you want to see if they have anything more to serve, you find this game, Skyrim, but there’s two versions. but don’t freak out just yet, because I’m going to help you choose which one is best for you, or if you should even buy it.

Obviusly the first thing your going to take a look at is the price, currently the normal “non special edition” is going to cost you about 32.16$ on steam, and for the special edition about 39.31$. Just looking at that, the special edition seems extremely much better then the normal one due to its “specialness”, but cosidering “non special edition” includes the season pass/all the add-on’s for the game, they are both quite equal.

So now that you know what the prices are, you should probably know about the differences between the two versions. The special editions most valuable part, is the new better graphics and the mods, wich in itself is very valuable. although it is possible to install mods trough the steam workshop if your on PC. This can also be considered a life hack, because you can’t download mods, you can’t make your loading screen longer.

So now it’s up to you to decide:

A: Normal game with all add-ons, 32.16$

B: Buy Special edition and get better graphics, mods + slightly longer loading screens 39.91$

C: “god dammit, Imma buy GTA 5 instead 62.72$

To sum up, I think their both kind of worth it, either you can get a great game cheap or a greater game slightly more expensive

By: Lord_Torleif

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