Is Mirrors edge catalyst still worth it?


Mirrors edgacatalyst logo

I think we all have been there, you didn`t buy the game when it was fresh but you might regret it now. maybe you couldt afford it back then but can now, its at this moment you begin to wonder: Is it still worth it?

When it comes to Mirrors edge catalyst, this is a good question.

Gameplay and Content.

One thing is certain when it comes to this game, there is no lack of gameplay. Since the game is about parkour, it needs at lot of different ways to jump, run, fall and fight. The action is solid with either fast escapes or fighting multiple enemies with different abilities. It also lets you choose how to deal with the situation, like how you fight or which way you pick for a race. Content however? Not really that much. There is a single player campaign, races, some other types of missions and thats about it. Yes there are things like package delivery that is almost like a race but that is the problem most of the mission are almost the same just with different goals: take on these enemies, get from point A to point B. It just gets boring after a while of gameplay and the story is really boring also.

while we areatit lets talk about the story.


Once more you play as Faith, a young girl who lives in a country were people dont have a opion about everything, like if everyone were robots. luckily you are not one of them but a person in a rebel group that uses parkour to get around youre city. these rebels diagrees to this forced life style and try to correct it.

Something that atleast i felt were that it had no emotional impact on me, it dind`t pull me into the story and i think alot of people agrees with me on this. Everything felt rushed and i didn`t care about one of the “saddest” moments in the game. The only good thing about it was that it gave you some solid missions.


Graphichs and world building.

As espected the game have better game than the original, the character models for expamle have gotten a lot better, so has rain, sun glare and overall style. the game does have the iconic white and red that got so known after the originals game but it changes so or say everything else. like in this picture for example, the game can be really brigth or really dark and it just looks so different than the original.

Mirrors edge gameplay
Mirrors edge (Original)
Mirrors edge catalyst gameplay
Mirrors edge Catalyst









World building however is kinda…. weird, now the game is good at making the actual city, many different locations and stuff but they have the problem were you have to walk the same path over and over because only one way is the fastest. Since that way is the fastest you decide to go there instead of going to someplace fun, which then makes it tiresome to go anywhere



Im going to say that the game is not as bad as all the haters are saying it is but it is not a good follow up to the original one. If you want to play something with parkour, sure go ahead but for everyone else? Dont bother, its not worth 30USD$, save that up for another game.




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