Call of duty World War 2

World war 2 trailer is finaly here, i`m so excited. Sledgehammer is coming out with the new WW 2 Novomber 3th 2017, finaly some developer that have heard what the fans want, Boots on the ground! No more flying or jumping 3 meters high. There is also a lot of new consepts in the multiplayer, some simular to battelfield. There is no more automatic healing, but it are medics, and Its coming a new lobby called the HQ. We really don`t know how the HQ is going work but im Sure it Gonna be amazing, please let it be better that infinitive warfare. We have very high hopes for this call of duty, and especially for the zombies that are coming.

If you want to play the private beta you will have to preorder the game, im unsure if i would preorder but if you really want to you can.


Written by Nathaniel_the_great


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